For seven days, could you change your routine and drive with your phone "Parked"; not able to touch it, at all?

In support of National Road Safety Week (May 17-23rd), we're challenging people to get a PARKyourPHONE cradle and change their behaviour of having their phones on their person while driving. Could your spouse do it, your co-worker, your employees? Can you do it?

It's just seven days.

Send us a picture of you taking up our challenge for these seven days and be entered to win a prize. Send images to info@parkyourphone.ca and be entered to win a PARKyourPHONE golf shirt.

Why PARKyourPHONEâ„¢?

Take a dangerous action like driving; add our natural need to respond to stimulus like beeps and flashing; provide a smartphone within arms' reach; you've created the architecture for a potentially horrific event!

What is it?

The PARKyourPHONE™ window cradle is a place for "phone parking" within your car. Essentially, it's a low-tech solution to a high-tech problem.

Our window cradle is an inexpensive device* designed to keep your phone out of reach from you, the driver. When positioned in a safe place, (i.e., the driver side rear window farthest from the driver) you are unable to reach the phone while driving. It's that simple.